Hero Balancer

Company profile

Hero Balancer is a Cloud-based building management system (BMS). We make your climate installation smart with our unique algorithm. Our plug-and-play control box can be used as an addition to the existing system or completely replace the current system. We connect the climate installation to the Cloud and prevent unnecessary heating, ventilation and cooling.

Reason for participating

Which contacts would you ultimately like to connect to in Japan?

We want to connect with decision makers for utility buildings in the area of facility, HVAC and sustainability. Some people in particular could be: Facility managers, technical managers, sustainability advisors

Short description of the presentation

We will show you how to make your buildings into smart buildings in less than 1 day. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional system we will transform your HVAC installation into a smart, energy efficient and user friendly installation.

Stefan Kloosterboer

CCO Hero Balancer

Hi, I am Stefan Kloosterboer, CCO and co-owner of Hero Balancer. With a history in the energy market I saw the huge savings potential in many utility buildings. Hero Balancer is a smart and innovative tool that provides not only energy savings but also insight in and control over indoor climate and HVAC installation compartments. Together with my ambitious colleagues we make schools, offices, showrooms and other utility buildings smarte rand more energy efficiënt.