Company profile

Ingy turns buildings smart by integrating intelligent sensors in the lighting. This means that once the luminaires are installed in the ceiling, customers have high-quality, energy-efficient lighting and the building is immediately equipped with a wireless mesh network that forms the IoT backbone in the building.

The Ingy solution in which all light sensors form a wireless mesh, is built around a business model in which the IoT mesh backbone is delivered integrated into the lighting solution. This solution costs no more than a lighting system with PIR lighting sensors, while offering additional value in terms of smart light control and connectivity between the sensors.


Once the Ingy solution is in place it enables a wide range of smart-building functionalities including:

  • Climate monitoring:
    • Verify performance HVAC installation.
    • Enable users to find spaces that match their climate preferences.
  • Occupancy analytics:
    • Optimize space utilization
    • Reduce energy consumption in un-used spaces (switch devices and HVAC off).
  • Indoor navigation
    • Help visitors find their way
    • Help support staff navigate to an incidence location
  • Asset tracking:
    • Optimize usage of healthcare equipment
    • Monitor stock levels
  • Energy monitoring
    • Understand energy usage per area.


Our lighting solution is no more expensive than a lighting solution based on standard standalone sensors and once the customer decides to extent the functionality to include the smart-building solutions we are significantly cheaper than any smart-building solution as we have the infrastructure already installed.

We have build partnerships with major lighting companies including Zumtobel, Regiolux, Helvar, Interlight, CP electronics (part of LeGrand) and Osram. Enabling us to supply lighting with our solution integrated with the brand of choice of our customers (we are currently delivering a project for Prologis together with Signify lighting).

We based our solution on an open data model, where we have partners in place that integrate the data from our solution to build complete customer propositions, examples include:

  • Planon – integrating our presence data in their roombooking and cleaning planning
  • Ultimo – extending their healthcare asset management with the location of the assets from our asset tracking system
  • Herobalancer – using our presence data to switch the heating
  • Skyspark – combine our presence data with other data to find anomalies in the building system

Our solution is built on top of the highly scalable mesh network algorithm of Wirepas. This also provides us access to the ecosystem with over 100 sensor providers that can use our wireless mesh as a backbone.

Reason for participating

We are looking for players in the smart-building ecosystem:

  • Providers of cloud portal looking to extend their system with data from physical sensors
  • System integrators
  • Owner/users of large real-estate portfolios
  • Lighting manufacturers or people from the lighting value chain

Especially from healthcare or logistics

Short description of the presentation

How to use your lighting as a backbone infrastructure to turn your building smart. We enable you to significanty reduce the cost of making your building smart by integrating the required sensors in your lighting. We offer a wide range of smart building solutions including: indoor navigation, asset tracking, occupancy analytics and climate monitoring. Our solution is independent of the lighting manufacturer and does not increase the cost of your lighting solution.

Bastiaan de Groot

CEO and Co-founder of Ingy

Bastiaan de Groot is the CEO and Co-founder of Ingy, a top-20 EU proptech company and nominee for the Blue tulips Award 2021. Bastiaan is the former global head of strategy of Sylvania, holds an EMBA from Instead and Tsinghua University and MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Cum Laude) from the University of Amsterdam. He has career in corporate venturing having worked for the likes of La Poste, Philips, British Telecom and Airbus.