Company profile

uHoo monitors your environment so you know exactly what to do to improve it and create healthier and safer homes and workplaces.

Reason for participating

Japan is a key market for our company. We would like to connect with decision makers of schools / universities, real estate / property developers, and companies with offices in multiple prefectures / cities in Japan.

Short description of the presentation

We will present our solution, and case studies on how our clients in Japan use it to comply with Japan’s building code, reduce coronavirus risk and enhance health and well-being inside offices and schools.

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng

Co-Founder and CEO

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng is the Co-Founder and CEO of uHoo, a Singapore-based global environmental health platform.

Prior to starting uHoo in 2014, Dustin worked as a Senior Consultant with Deloitte where among his many successful strategic initiatives he developed a corporate strategy that helped turnaround Deloitte South East Asia to profitability and grew revenue by 20% annually for 2 consecutive years, improved business processes of various Fortune 500 and large local companies that resulted on average, a 10% reduction in workflow time and enhanced corporate governance and regulatory compliance. He advised life sciences and healthcare firms in the USA, Singapore and Malaysia and helped them raise 8-figure US$ rounds for further growth. Dustin also worked as an Analyst for BDO Raffles Consultants where he was responsible for developing an overseas market entry strategy that resulted in the successful overseas expansion of a Taiwanese-listed manufacturing firm into India.

Born and raised in the Philippines, he finished a Bachelor’s of Computing majoring in eCommerce, plus two minors, at the National University of Singapore (NUS) under full scholarship by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). He completed an MBA specializing in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from The Hongkong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) where he met his co-founder Brian Lin. Both eventually dropped their classes in the middle of the MBA program and launched uHoo.