Company profile

Active in residential, property management,

WealthPark provides digital solutions that promote business efficiency to Property Managers. Our service is widely used by many Property Managers both domestically and abroad. In addition, WealthPark Mobile App, an effective communication tool between Property Managers and its customers (property investors), is currently available in four languages (Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese) and serves 14 countries/regions.
Our team consists of 96 members with diverse experience related to real estate, investment banking, consulting, manufacturing, e-commerce, and so forth. Approximately half of them are foreign nationals from 12 different countries.

Kay (Kosuke) Kato

President, WealthParkLab Co., Ltd.

Kay has been engaged in various important roles such as financial analyst, fund manager, and investment enlightenment mentor at major global asset management companies such as Tokio Asset Management and Invesco for over twenty years. He has lived in three countries around the world, staying in the United Kingdom and United States for about 10 years, and has visited more than 30 countries to conduct economic and investment research. He received an MBA from Columbia University, New York, and passed Certified Public Accountant, Financial Planner, and Financial Analyst examinations (He is a certified member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan). Kay bases his work on his belief: “Direct investment experience and being in the same boat with clients.” He also owns various financial and real-estate assets globally, as well as other alternative investments in his portfolio.